Sponge phase

I realized today that there are times when I am like a sponge: out there seeking insights about writing and drinking up all the information my brain can handle. Right now I’m a sponge seeking everything I can learn about personal essays.

  • I’m reviewing content from a workshop I took from Abigail Green.
  • I happened across a past issue of Writer’s Digest buried under stacks of books on my desk and lo and behold, the main focus of that issue? Personal essays.
  • I just did a search online and found this fabulous Q&A with Dinty Moore about personal essays.

The important thing for me to remember? Squeeze the sponge and put what I’m learning to use.

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2 Responses to Sponge phase

  1. Jesaka says:

    Such a great reminder to use (or squeeze) the tools and resources we already have. Your encouragement to put it to use is especially helpful. Thanks for the great post, Liz!

  2. Liz, isn’t it special when you find something that validates the train of thought you are on?

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