Twitter epiphany

It’s been ages since I looked at Twitter. But while I was there today, I had an epiphany. Pretty cool to have an epiphany, considering it’s only 140 characters and all.

I was inspired to get on Twitter to check if Jodi Picoult has an account. Indeed she does. I’m now a follower. One of 39,000+ people who follow her on Twitter. But still. We’re connected.

But this connection with Jodi wasn’t the epiphany to which I refer. The epiphany was the thing that hit me as I read Jodi’s tagline and then the tagline of a few other famous novelists and writers. My thoughts are in italics:

Jennie Shortridge: Bestselling author of four novels, including When She Flew, and co-founder of (I have the pleasure of knowing Jennie and of having read all of her bestselling books. She rocks as a writer, person and as someone who both creates community and gives back, as we see in her work with Seattle 7 Writers.)

Jacquelyn Mitchard: Writer, fighter, mother of 9 kids, author of 21 books, walks the talk and dances it, too. New novel, ‘Second Nature:A Love Story. (Author of 21 books? Wow! And to write all those books in addition to being the mother of nine kids? Holy cow.)

Judy Blume: Are you there, Twitter? It’s me, Judy. (This not only gets points for being humorous, but think about it. Any of my female friends could tell you about Judy’s book and how it impacted our lives as girls in the 1970s.)

Susan Taylor Brown: Full-time dreamer, poet, author of children’s books, essayist, and artist. Finding the courage to create. Represented by Jodi Reamer of Writers House (Ah, yes, to have the courage to create AND to be represented by an agent!)

Jodi Picoult: author/mom/Wonder Woman (Keep it simple, sweet and don’t take oneself too seriously. Even if you’ve written umpteen books from which at least three movies have been made.)

So I got to thinking of my future-state Twitter tagline. What will it be? What could it be? It’s something I want to take time to consider. I believe that words create action, in our lives and in the world. I want to take time to manifest the right words. It’s like a positive affirmation, with a little touch of techie added to it.

My current tagline? I like it. It works for what I’m doing now. But I know there’s more to come. Freelance writer focused on writing for kids (picture books) and adults (articles on parenting, health and wellness).

Think about it — what’s your dream tagline? And if you’d like, please share it here.

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4 Responses to Twitter epiphany

  1. Liz – thank you for pointing out the importance of taglines on Twitter and sharing what five writers have written for their taglines. I have yet to investigate Twitter (don’t ask) but I am glad to know that Twitter taglines are not written in stone. You let us know that by telling us your current tagline, which I like. I look forward to learning what your dream tagline will be.

    My dream tagline? Something to do with my blog on which I record the nightly entries I wrote 50 years ago to the night.

  2. Tia Bach says:

    Taglines are important. I know I need to work on mine. My favorite… Judy Blume (who I follow!). She says so much with so little. If you don’t know what it means, you probably shouldn’t be following her. 😉

    Great post!

  3. Liz says:

    Barbara, thanks for stopping by! I love the concept of your blog, and yes, I bet there is a catchy tagline in there waiting for you at Twitter.

  4. Liz says:

    Tia, I think you capture good info with your tagline! And your point about someone who doesn’t get Judy’s title maybe not really needing to follow her is an excellent one. In some ways, taglines can be both inclusive while also “screening” those who might not need to follow someone. Good to “see” you – thanks for reading! 🙂

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