Saturday Stand Outs

There are 252 bloggers participating in this year’s Blogathon. That means there’s a lot to read. Every Saturday in May, I’ll be posting links to three of the posts that really stood out from the many (fabulous) posts I read the previous week.

I loved reading Jackie Dishner’s  first post in which (among other things) she shares this: BIKE is an acronym that stands for what I see as the four key elements of who you are inside, what you’re really made of, or, in other words, your core. Read more here and you’ll find out the words in her acronym.

Lisa Carter of the Intralingo blog talks about chaos (she’s remodeling a house) and the impact that can have on our creativity.  I completely agree with her thoughts about needing some challenge (deadlines and things to do) but as she says, I also get overwhelmed when there’s too much clutter in my head or on my desk. Read more here, and share your thoughts on chaos with Lisa!

Finally, I’ll close my list with this post from PFM Reports in which Patrick celebrates his grandmother’s 99th birthday. She’s the grandmother who, as he says, has always been there. He eloquently shares the story of his grandmother’s kitchen candy drawer. His post would make any grandmother proud. Speaking of which, I sincerely hope he printed and sent her a copy of that post. {hint hint}

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One Response to Saturday Stand Outs

  1. Patrick says:

    Thank you for the compliment! And there’s a reasons moms always “hint, hint.” I’m printing out my post now and looking for stamps!

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