5 Movies That Inspired My Writing/Blogging

Today is the first “Theme Day” of the Blogathon. And, let’s just say right now I’m pretty darn thankful for a theme day because the ideas for a post aren’t coming to me at this moment.

The theme, as you’ve likely guessed by the post title is: 5 Movies That Inspired My Writing/Blogging. Here are my five movies, in no particular order:

Julie and Julia: In this movie, Julie uses writing to connect to her life, answer some questions and find a purpose. She blogs to get out of the dregs of her corporate life. And, it’s a true story that brought about a book and a movie deal. What’s not to love (and be inspired by) in that tale?

The Hours: It’s been a while since I’ve seen this one. (Never fear, I’ve just added it to the Netflix queue for a refresher.) So, what inspired me? Well, there’s Virgina Woolf. There’s a mother who is struggling to find herself (amazing acting by Julianne Moore). And a whole cast of folks that are figuring out their lives, being creative and building a nice, complex plot (floral designer Meryl Streep, visual artist played by Ed Harris — I think). And, again a movie based on a novel. Those always inspire me — people who put words on the page that were powerful enough to make a director want to create a motion picture.

The Hunger Games: This may be on the list because I’ve recently seen it…but I don’t think so. These books and this movie are so compelling. I love it that young adults enjoyed these books, as well as not-so-young adults (ahem…like me). Writing that engages readers of all ages? Inspiring. I’m also impressed that the movie was exactly as I’d pictured the story in the book. That tells me that the author did a mighty nice job of including details that the director could use in the movie.

Lost In Tokyo: Bill Murray and Scarlet Johannson brought memories from my life in Japan right to the surface in this movie. In my essays and fiction, I draw upon my experiences living in Japan; this movie provided a connection and sense of validation about the “Japan experience” for me as a writer.

The Sound of Music: How can I not put a Julie Andrews movie on my list, given that I’ve posted about her twice here at Motherlogue? This movie represents my boys. They inspire me to write and The Sound of Music is all things childhood for me. It’s memories from my own childhood and the one we’re creating with my two favorite little men.

What movies inspire you to write? To blog? To parent? To live your life to the fullest?

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2 Responses to 5 Movies That Inspired My Writing/Blogging

  1. Jesaka Long says:

    I had not given much, if any, thought about movies that inspired my blogging. But Julie and Julia is one that really grabbed. I’d already jumped into freelancing when the movie premiered, but I related to Julie’s frustration with her corporate job and abandoned writing. You may have inspired me to watch this one again. Beside, Meryl Streep is just delicious as Julia.

  2. Liz says:

    I hadn’t thought about it, either, Jesaka…so I found this theme to be pretty fun. And, I’d completely forgotten that Meryl played Julia…so maybe one of my pre-reqs for a writing movie is that Meryl is part of the cast! 🙂

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