Four ways to make a four-year-old laugh

Sometimes it’s tough to be four years old. Really tough. You want to be Superman, but you’re just too damn tired to pull it off.

Those times generally happen after dinner, before bed, when one is so, so tired after a full day at pre-school…but, no, no, no you’re **. (A stomped foot helps make the four-year-old point all the more clear in this case.) Additional signs that a four year old has reached this special time in his or her day consists of wailing, falling onto furniture with dramatic aplomb and a face the color of a tomato.

In these times, the only choice of those around the four year old is to make him laugh. Or else you, too, will be red in the face and falling on the furniture. Should you find yourself in need of making a four-year-old boy laugh during the post-dinner witching hour, here are four tested and approved methods:

  1. Silently applaud as your husband has the brilliant idea to carry said four-year-old son, upside down, into his bedroom. This brings the desired result — laughter — but only for as long as your son is upside down. This could get old for hubby fast. Not for you, you’re game. (Hey, whatever it takes, right?)
  2. When he’s right side up, and looking as if he is about ready to wail again, inform the four year old that “tush” is another word for b-u-t-t. (That is, incidentally, his favorite word to spell out loud.) Even if you don’t get him laughing with the word tush, you will likely make him laugh by mentioning, and spelling, b-u-t-t. Again, this solution proves to be short-lived.
  3. Remain silent when older brother slides out of his underwear, slings it from his leg and  skillfully lands his tightie whities on top of the closet door. One key: all of this is done under the guise of getting one’s pajamas on. (Again, remain silent and do not scold anyone for this activity, or you will surely land yourself back in the land of four-year-old hysteria.)
  4. Watch with pride as older brother proceeds to encourage younger brother to try tossing his underwear on the closet door. (Thankfully these are shutter doors, so there are actually two doors from which underwear can hang. If there weren’t room for two pairs, well, you’d be back at square one because hysteria would result if there wasn’t enough room for all the underwear on the door.) When younger brother makes the shot and lands his underwear on the door, allow the glee to continue.

Wait thirty minutes and chances are, everyone will be asleep. Including you…if you weren’t participating in a Blogathon, that is.

And, most of all, repeat nightly, as needed.

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2 Responses to Four ways to make a four-year-old laugh

  1. blessedmamaof5 says:

    Liz, very entertaining story. I can just see your hubby carrying your boy updside. Yay for hubbies, too.

  2. Tia Bach says:

    If only we were as easy to entertain when we grew up. We could all learn from 4-year-olds. Loved the post!

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