Don’t Forget: Fridays Are Bike Day in Room 4

Remember yesterday’s post about imperfect being the new perfect? Well, today is my chance to redeem a less-than-perfect mama moment with my four-year-old son.

The permission slip came home a few weeks ago announcing that his pre-school classroom (Room 4) has bike day every Friday in the spring. Bike day would officially begin on May 4.

The slip had standard text: Yes, my child will bring and wear a helmet for this activity. No, I won’t hold you liable if he’s hurt. Sign it, turn it in and your kid can ride on Fridays. Easy, right? Yes, and being the *organized* mom that I am, I knew that May 4 was several weeks away. Why worry my head with those formalities at the moment when every other thing needed to be done? So that permission slip went into the “later” pile, er, I mean file.

So over the next few weeks, this four-year-old boy of ours was thrilled by the idea of bike day at school. He loves to ride bikes and has never used training wheels. (Lance Armstrong, watch out.) In fact, we were all talking about how thrilling it would be: imagine — getting to ride his bike at school!

The thrill was over last Friday. (If you do the math, you’re already there…today is May 11, meaning last Friday was May 4.) Raise your hand if you think I remembered the permission slip. Raise your hand if you think I remembered the slip and his bike. Anyone with a hand raised (for either question) you are, unfortunately, wrong. (Though I do appreciate and thank you for your vote of confidence.)

No, amidst my full-time job, my husband’s full-time job, homework, baseball games, laundry and meals, I completely forgot about Room Four’s bike day until we arrived at my son’s pre-school and saw all of the other parents hauling their kids’ bikes out of their cars.

His bike and helmet have been packed in our van since last night. Don’t worry, don’t worry…I turned in the permission slip on Monday.

Perfect? No. But, he survived, I survived.

And, he’s going to have a wonderful time riding today.

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One Response to Don’t Forget: Fridays Are Bike Day in Room 4

  1. Your forgetting about your son’s first bike day reminded me of how, when I was a kindergarten teacher, we used to try to make sure ahead of time that we had all the necessary permission slips in our possession before actual special events or field trip days. I’m sure your son had a wonderful time riding his bike at school today.

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