Saturday Stand Outs

There are 252 bloggers participating in this year’s Blogathon. That means there’s a lot to read. Every Saturday in May, I’ll be posting links to three of the posts that really stood out from the many (fabulous) posts I read the previous week.

Gaining By Losing, a post from Joe Catholic is an honest, understanding and inspired post about one man’s decision to take on the challenge of losing weight. Way to go, Joe!

Like Joe Catholic’s post, Victoria Musgrave shares inspiration in “Finding My Way“. In her case it’s about the decision to take the leap away from the security of her corporate communications job in order to live the life she’s imagined.

Finally, I’ll close my list with Do-Over, another post from PFM Reports (yes, I’m a fan), in which Patrick gets a do-over at playing group sports. For a moment I was so inspired by this post that I thought of looking for an adult soccer league in my area (I know there are a ton). But then, I remembered that I’m already stretched just a *little* (metaphorically) thin right now. For the moment, I’ll live vicariously.

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