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Saturday Stand Outs

This week’s Saturday Stand Outs: Thanks to Writer Granny’s World, I have a new book on hold at my library. I’m not a historical fiction fan but Writer Granny’s (aka Nancy) thoughts about the book enticed me into reserving it. … Continue reading

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99% and rich in more ways than the 1%

Today my inbox delivered a message from life coach Anna Kunnecke. Not sure how you pronounce her name, but somehow I found Anna’s blog several months ago. Periodically I get newsletters about what’s new in her world. Today’s message came … Continue reading

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Saturday Stand Outs

Well, the blogathon is over. (You may have noted since June 1 there has been a *slight* reduction in posts per week here at Motherlogue.) But, I think I will keep on with my Saturday Stand Outs. It’s a good … Continue reading

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Saturday (and Sunday) morning cartoons

We don’t have a TV in our house. Well, we have a TV but we don’t have cable, or local reception. For viewing pleasure, we use the TV to watch DVDs or Netflix. Our older son is now a whiz … Continue reading

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I made it! I posted for 31 days in May!

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My email inbox

I admit that I am fairly obsessive about checking my email inbox. It goes something like this: Did I get a message? Maybe something came in, hmmm…I better check. Yowza. It’s been two minutes, I’m sure there’s something new by … Continue reading

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