My email inbox

I admit that I am fairly obsessive about checking my email inbox. It goes something like this: Did I get a message? Maybe something came in, hmmm…I better check. Yowza. It’s been two minutes, I’m sure there’s something new by now.

In recent weeks, with the increased activity around the upcoming, 57th presidential election, I’ve been getting email messages from famous people. Yes, they’re asking me to donate to one candidate’s campaign. And even though they recognize me by name, “Dear Liz”, I know that I’m really just a name that is part of a huge mail-merge document.

But, still. When I open my inbox to find a message from Sarah Jessica Parker. Or, Bill Clinton. Or Michelle Obama. Or Joe Biden. My heart beats faster. For a nanosecond I think Sarah or Michelle might be inviting me to tea.

But then I remember we have an election to win and I no longer worry about tea. Nor do I care if the message is only for me or not. In fact, the more the merrier. Merge on!

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