Saturday Stand Outs

Well, the blogathon is over. (You may have noted since June 1 there has been a *slight* reduction in posts per week here at Motherlogue.) But, I think I will keep on with my Saturday Stand Outs. It’s a good way to keep track of posts that inspire or educate me and also a great way to share the blogging love. From now on, Saturday Stand Outs will be culled from the entire blogsphere, not just my fellow blogathoners.

My Name Is Not Bob is a blog that I first heard about thanks to Writer’s Digest. I love the tagline for Robert’s (not Bob’s) blog: Advice on writing, parenting, and about anything else related to being alive. This post written earlier this year offers great insights, including a list of five things to consider, when thinking about your personal brand.

My next find is Guys Read; it’s not as much of a blog as a collection of resources (or a web-based literacy program for boys, as they say on their site). This will be a site I frequent this summer. We started this week with a children’s book called Me, All Alone, At the End of the World. I found this listed on Guys Read last week. Last night there were no big brother/little brother disputes about this book: they both loved it.

And, I’ll end this week’s Saturday Stand Outs with a post (written by a blogger I met through last year’s blogathon) that really resonates with me as I take my own leap out of the comforts of the corporate world. In her post on gratitude, Alison Law gave me a shot of I-can-do-this just when I needed it most.


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2 Responses to Saturday Stand Outs

  1. I tend to go back to the same sites all the time, so thanks for sharing these sites. I look forward to you broadening my horizons each week. No pressure.

  2. Liz says:

    Riiiigght, no pressure. 🙂

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