99% and rich in more ways than the 1%

Today my inbox delivered a message from life coach Anna Kunnecke. Not sure how you pronounce her name, but somehow I found Anna’s blog several months ago. Periodically I get newsletters about what’s new in her world.

Today’s message came to me at the perfect time. We are heading into a new phase in our family. One which will involve a tighter budget but will also produce, I believe, more space for joy and more room for calm. Anna’s message about being “rrrrrich” rather than rich resonated with me. She’s got a cool video here. And if you’re quick, you can sign up to get a magnet from her as a reminder.

In honor of thinking about those ways that I (a member of the 99%) am rich, here are five simple, yet wonderful things, that make me feel rrrrrrich:

  • A bath tub, in my house, that I can fill with hot, hot water and in which I can soak
  • A local farmer’s market (opening Saturday!)…where I can buy fresh produce for my family
  • A computer through which I can communicate around the world
  • A bike for each of my boys to ride
  • A wealth of friendships near and far that keep me laughing and sane

Anna is so right: I am rich, rich, rich.

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2 Responses to 99% and rich in more ways than the 1%

  1. Tia Bach says:

    Beautiful. I agree. Money is necessary, but too much of it doesn’t guarantee any kind of happiness. The things I most treasure are the simplest. Walks with the kids, family dinner time, stories and reading… Lovely post, Liz.

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