Saturday Stand Outs

This week’s Saturday Stand Outs:

Thanks to Writer Granny’s World, I have a new book on hold at my library. I’m not a historical fiction fan but Writer Granny’s (aka Nancy) thoughts about the book enticed me into reserving it. Nancy also shares a post with info about a Summer Memories contest. During the crazy month of 31 posts, I didn’t have time to check out Nancy’s blog, but was happy to find Writer Granny’s World this morning when I reviewed the Blogathon Google Group. (One more reason to consider doing the blogathon, my friends…it is a gift that keeps on giving!)

Like Liberty’s Yarn, I’m not a fan of all the buzz about SEO; however, I see that it’s one of those necessary evils for folks who are professional bloggers. Liberty’s post gives tips on what seem to be two very helpful tools she uses and also some non-techie thoughts about keeping her posts on topic, including answering six questions for herself after each post. (The blogger in me is *very* curious what those six questions are!)

I think the final Saturday Stand Out this week is a first at Motherlogue: it’s about personal hygiene. This post by Courtney Carver of Be More With Less is about flossing daily. I am regularly inspired by Courtney’s words about living a life on purpose and striving for a minimalist approach to consumption and consumerism. She also covers creating good habits and breaking those bad ones. My genes have blessed me with strong teeth. However that’s made me a bit lax about flossing. (Lax in this case means I don’t do it.) After a recent filling (my fourth in 41 years…not bad) I thought to myself: time to start flossing! But that was three weeks ago.Thanks to Courtney’s post, I have a renewed mission to floss daily — and a great tip from her on how to make it happen!

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1 Response to Saturday Stand Outs

  1. Ah, man, now this means I don’t really have an excuse for not flossing.

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