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A new daily practice

Three weeks ago I started a new daily practice. I read one poem a day, Monday through Friday. While my boys are still asleep, and after my husband has left for work, I take the first sip from my coffee … Continue reading

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Ever have advice overolad?

I admit that I’m a self-help junkie. I’m drawn to that section of a bookstore within moments of entering. I carefully eye magazines at the grocery store, wondering what tips I need to read or implement. And, with the advent … Continue reading

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Who’s the shortest in the house?

My younger son constantly leaves a step-stool exactly in the spot where he used it. In front of the kitchen sink (where he washed grapes). In front of the entertainment center (where he got down the CD he wanted to … Continue reading

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If you own stock in Kleenex, you can thank me later

Today we put our younger son onto the bus for Kindergarten. (And then raced to the school to see him getting off of same said bus.) Yes, I was the woman running down our neighborhood hill, during a rain/thunder/lightning storm … Continue reading

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