If you own stock in Kleenex, you can thank me later

ImageToday we put our younger son onto the bus for Kindergarten. (And then raced to the school to see him getting off of same said bus.) Yes, I was the woman running down our neighborhood hill, during a rain/thunder/lightning storm no less, yelling over my shoulder to my husband: “We have to run! We have to beat the bus!”

You’ll be relieved to know: we did make it there before the bus. Parent volunteers were at school to meet the Kindergartners and walk them to the line for their classroom. My sweet boy got off the bus, looked up the walkway, spotted us, grinned and waved.

And, that’s when the tears came.

He’s ready. He’s so ready. I am, too. I savor watching my kids learn, develop and socialize. But this is one of the big moments. He’s starting Elementary School.

It feel like just moments ago he was sitting at the front of the school, watching his older brother start school (see photo).

Get me a Kleenex.

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2 Responses to If you own stock in Kleenex, you can thank me later

  1. juliesteed says:

    Love this post!

  2. Mom/Nana/Gayl says:

    So sweet to see him a few years younger in the photo and now he’s starting kindergarten – he’s grown up in so many ways – brings tears to my eyes too. Love, Mom/Nana

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