Ever have advice overolad?

Photo courtesy: laughlin

Photo courtesy: laughlin

I admit that I’m a self-help junkie. I’m drawn to that section of a bookstore within moments of entering. I carefully eye magazines at the grocery store, wondering what tips I need to read or implement. And, with the advent of the world wide web, I subscribe to at least 50 blogs or ezines that deliver advice right into my inbox.

It can be a bit much. I get so caught up in reading about “10 ways to…” or “All You Need to Know About” that I forget what’s really important: doing what feels right to me and trusting what I already know.

This was really illustrated for me yesterday morning. I got one of those newsletters. The focus for this particular newsletter is eating real food. (Great advice. Knowledgeable tips. Important messages about establishing good habits for ourselves and our kids.) But is it telling me, really and truly, anything I don’t already know?

Yesterday I had to realize: no. It’s not.

I had this realization when I found myself watching a two-minute video on YouTube about how to make my kids’ lunch in advance. That’s when it hit me: I need to get outta this advice-seeking cycle and start listening to myself.

Why did I click on that link , I wondered? There was a chance, that maybe, just maybe, there would be a tip (the tip!) about how to make my kids’ lunch in advance that I didn’t know. Or hadn’t tried. Or had never considered.

Nope. Two minutes of my time wasted watching the video.

I’m realizing it’s time to get centered and get back to doing what feels right and trusting what I already know.

If you’re wondering, this morning as I scramble to make my boys’ lunches, I won’t be using any of the tips from that video. Nor will my make-up and hair be done or my kitchen clean. But their lunches will be the perfect mix for them: healthy, tasty and made with love by this mama.

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3 Responses to Ever have advice overolad?

  1. juliesteed says:

    This is so true – and as social media becomes more prominent, the information flood gets deeper and deeper! 

  2. Liz says:

    Information flood indeed! There’s good, inspiring stuff to read…my challenge is making sure I’m not trying to take it all in!

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