Now I remember: This NaNoWriMo thing is hard

footer-nanowrimoI’m at 7,333 words. And I’m wondering what on earth I was thinking when I took this challenge on again. It’s hard to write all these words.

Especially hard when the self critic wakes up strong and ready to fill my head:

  • What is this story about anyway?
  • Have you heard of plot?
  • Do you think you’re a writer?
  • Why did you choose this “novel in stories” format? You’ve never done that before, you know.
  • You’re only at 7,333 words and you’re tired?
  • You have more than 42,000 words left. That’s a lot, you know.

But, I trudge on. This morning I told myself: This is the life of a writer — being in your head, battling that critic and getting words (somehow) on the page.

As I stared at the screen, cursor blinking, waiting for me to write SOMETHING at 6:33 am, I realized I was too close to one character. So, I changed her name, her situation, her family.

When I took a step back and switched those details, I was able to write 300 words. Whew.

Roughly 42,000 to go.

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3 Responses to Now I remember: This NaNoWriMo thing is hard

  1. juliesteed says:

    Every time your inner critic is negative, respond with a positive! I’m so proud of you for doing this.

  2. Andrea says:

    Wow! It sounds hard. Good for you, and tell that inner critic to go stuff it.

  3. Good luck – you’re doing a great job. The inner critic only ever shows up when you ARE doing a great job anyway! I signed up on 2nd November and haven’t even got past the starting blocks. My wordcount remains at zero – ha – we’ll see if that changes by the end of the month!

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