Five-Minute Friday: SEE

I’m going to try following the prompts that Lisa Jo Baker posts on her blog every Friday. This week’s is: See. The rules? Write for 5 minutes. No editing. No over-thinking. No backtracking.


school bookMy sweet six-year-old son is learning to read. This week his class was assigned their first two words: I and see.

This afternoon as he and I ate lunch he said, “I memorized my book, Mama.”

And so began his retelling of the first book he can read on his own.

“It’s called School,” he started.

“I see crayons. I see scissors. I see books. I see desks. I see chairs. I see children. I see school.”

When he was done, he was beaming. We had a hug. A “proud of you” moment and then he cleared his dishes from the table.

That word, see, stuck with me all afternoon. Everything he’s learning to see. Everything he has yet to see. Gratitude that he can see to read. To learn.

see 2So often I take for granted all that I can see. The sweet faces of these two boys as they are sleeping. Seeing them play, argue and make amends. Seeing them interact with my husband and my mom. Seeing them with their peers at school.

All this wonder at my fingertips, simply because I, too, can see.

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3 Responses to Five-Minute Friday: SEE

  1. vernette says:

    Awww this was a really sweet FMF first. Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  2. Liz says:

    Thanks, Vernette. Thank you for stopping by my blog, too.

  3. Visiting from FMF. It’s amazing what we take for granted … what we don’t take the time to see. I think it;s something that happens as we get older. Children see everything and soak it all in. Sometimes we need that reminder. Good job.

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