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Q&A with Malena Watrous

Part of the joy in reading Malena Watrous’ novel, If You Follow Me, was having a huge trip down memory lane. Like me, Malena worked as an Assistant Language teacher in Japan for two years. In her debut novel she … Continue reading

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Guest Post at A.K.A. Writer

Readers of Motherlogue will remember my Q&A with freelance writer, Jesaka Long. I was recently honored when Jesaka asked me to submit a guest post for her blog on the topic of balancing motherhood, full-time work and a passion for … Continue reading

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Q&A with Jennie Shortridge

In November, I met with author Jennie Shortridge for an interview about her most recent release, When She Flew. During our discussion, I was primarily focused on the how and why behind Jennie’s decision to write this novel which is … Continue reading

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Holiday Helping In Retail

Yesterday I worked in a retail store. It’s part of the holiday tradition at the corporation where I work. During the holidays, employees from the corporate headquarters can volunteer to work a shift or two in one of our stores. … Continue reading

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While You Were Out

My online writing group got to chatting the other day about how far technology has come and how it influences us. Authors use Facebook to promote books, people create blogs everywhere around the world, calls for submission are shared via … Continue reading

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Web 2.0 – Caution, caution, danger, danger

I just read an interesting post about Twitter and author, Alice Hoffman. Apparently Alice has a new book out that met with less-than-stellar reviews. Ouch. Even as someone who has yet to publish a novel, I can imagine that reading … Continue reading

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Danny’s Express

I am fortunate to commute to work by train. Once I arrive downtown, along with other employees from my office, I take a shuttle bus provided by our employer. It’s a 10-minute ride from the station to our building. The … Continue reading

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Corporate Speak

Today in a meeting I attended, there was reference to a training course offered at another company. The course title? Listening for Comprehension. I do think that there’s an art to being a good listener. We’ve all had conversations with … Continue reading

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Stage Fright

After I graduated from college, I lived in Japan for a total of three years. The first two years I worked in public junior and senior high schools as an assistant English teacher/native speaker. It was a wonderful job – … Continue reading

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Life in the slow lane?

Recently I was looking at Parent Map, a local parenting publication’s website. While there I took a quick online poll and answered a question about “Which of these lifestyles appeals most to you?” The choices ranged from living in a … Continue reading

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