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The Great Eat At Home for a Month Experiment

As I mentioned in my last post, for the month of September we decided, as a family, to challenge ourselves to eat every meal at home. I’m happy to report: we did it! My sons are even happier to report … Continue reading

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Q&A at Cascadia Kids

You can read my responses to Lora Shinn’s questions about my family’s trip to Holden Village here at the Cascadia Kids blog — a great site for info and tips about traveling with kids in the Pacific Northwest.

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My new motto: simplify

Along with my new parenting idol, I have a new parenting motto: simplify. This has been inspired by the book, Simplicity Parenting, by Kim John Payne. I haven’t finished his book, but already he’s helped me clear some clutter out … Continue reading

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Some days, I feel like I suck

And today is one of those days. Well, this week, actually, is one of those weeks where I feel like I suck as a mother. Not really because of something that I’ve done but because our boys’ behavior is just. … Continue reading

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Compare and contrast

My strengths and abilities in the world of compare and contrast formally began in Freshman English with Gene Jenkins, one of my outstanding high school instructors. In the essays I wrote in response to Romeo & Juliet, The Epic of … Continue reading

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Guest Post at A.K.A. Writer

Readers of Motherlogue will remember my Q&A with freelance writer, Jesaka Long. I was recently honored when Jesaka asked me to submit a guest post for her blog on the topic of balancing motherhood, full-time work and a passion for … Continue reading

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This boy is growing up!

I started to cry on the Stairmaster at my gym a few days ago. I hadn’t hurt myself. It wasn’t that I was sick and tired of exercising. I wasn’t crying in desperation about the pounds that won’t melt away. … Continue reading

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Back to life, back to reality…

But not quite yet, I have the Fourth of July weekend off! My family and I returned from a wonderful six-day vacation in the Wenatchee Nathional Forest. After twenty-five years, I returned to Holden Village, a community/family camp owned by … Continue reading

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My Sister’s Keeper

About five years ago I stumbled upon a book by Jodi Picoult. Since then I’ve read many of her novels. I always have a few moments of envy when I start one of her books — she’s published more than … Continue reading

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Entrepreneurial artist in the house

Our older son noticed a sign on the neighbor kids’ compost bin yesterday. Hand drawn art: 50 cents We had to read the sign for him and once we did the wheels must have started turning. Today my husband told … Continue reading

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