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A new daily practice

Three weeks ago I started a new daily practice. I read one poem a day, Monday through Friday. While my boys are still asleep, and after my husband has left for work, I take the first sip from my coffee … Continue reading

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Ever have advice overolad?

I admit that I’m a self-help junkie. I’m drawn to that section of a bookstore within moments of entering. I carefully eye magazines at the grocery store, wondering what tips I need to read or implement. And, with the advent … Continue reading

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Using what you’ve got

One thing I didn’t mention in this post about the many benefits of our eat-at-home month: I became much more adept at using what we have in our fridge. Typically I am the type of cook that looks at a … Continue reading

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Dump trucks and friendly faces

One summer while I was in college I had a job working on the grounds crew for the public school district. No, I didn’t have a green thumb. Nor did I know how to use a weed eater. But thanks … Continue reading

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99% and rich in more ways than the 1%

Today my inbox delivered a message from life coach Anna Kunnecke. Not sure how you pronounce her name, but somehow I found Anna’s blog several months ago. Periodically I get newsletters about what’s new in her world. Today’s message came … Continue reading

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Q&A at Cascadia Kids

You can read my responses to Lora Shinn’s questions about my family’s trip to Holden Village here at the Cascadia Kids blog — a great site for info and tips about traveling with kids in the Pacific Northwest.

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We all eat breakfast, but who makes it?

A few weeks ago, my husband, younger son and I attended the memorial service for Jerry, our “backyard” neighbor. Jerry was 79 years old and had lived in our neighborhood for many, many years — he and his wife bought … Continue reading

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All Over the Map

All over the map. That’s me right now. I am all over the map about most things at the moment, or so it feels. Take, for instance, parenting. I find that I am seeking advice from books, friends, teachers, co-workers, … Continue reading

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This week? Facebook detox

Inspired by the students at our two local high schools, I’m not checking Facebook this week. At all. (This is revolutionary for me.) What will I find? So far…I think I already have more time. And, I’ve found myself thinking … Continue reading

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Aging Part Two

As I said in my previous post, one day last week I had two aging moments that made me pause. Read about the first moment here. After I left the salon, I drove home. I was anxious to get into … Continue reading

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