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All Over the Map

All over the map. That’s me right now. I am all over the map about most things at the moment, or so it feels. Take, for instance, parenting. I find that I am seeking advice from books, friends, teachers, co-workers, … Continue reading

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This week? Facebook detox

Inspired by the students at our two local high schools, I’m not checking Facebook this week. At all. (This is revolutionary for me.) What will I find? So far…I think I already have more time. And, I’ve found myself thinking … Continue reading

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Aging Part Two

As I said in my previous post, one day last week I had two aging moments that made me pause. Read about the first moment here. After I left the salon, I drove home. I was anxious to get into … Continue reading

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Often, as the mama to two young boys, I don’t think as much about the other spectrum of life. The point when (hopefully) I will become an old woman. Tonight I had two moments with older women that made me … Continue reading

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One foot in front of the other

Whew, I am overwhelmed by the sadness in the world today. I think as writers we pick up on emotions and that is a gift. But then there are times, like the recent weeks for me, when that “gift” makes … Continue reading

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Sunday Style: A Writer’s Happiness

In a writing workshop I attended a few months ago the instructor talked about how at a romance writers convention those gathered joked that there should be a bowl of Prozac or Zoloft anti-depressant pills in the center of the … Continue reading

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Good Health

This week in Christina Katz’s e-zine, The Prosperous Writer, she talked about the importance of good health. Boy, does that speak to me right now. Not just because we’ve had a round of a stomach virus in our house (current … Continue reading

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