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A Writer Writes About Math (Part 1)

I am a writer. A word girl. A lover of language. Since I can remember, math has not been my thing. In fact, at many times during my school years, it was really not my thing. This was especially true … Continue reading

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Who’s the shortest in the house?

My younger son constantly leaves a step-stool exactly in the spot where he used it. In front of the kitchen sink (where he washed grapes). In front of the entertainment center (where he got down the CD he wanted to … Continue reading

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Summer 2012 – A crash course in conflict 101

Tomorrow is the last day of summer vacation for my sons. One will enter Third Grade next Monday, the other Pre-Kindergarten. Earlier this week I started a mental countdown to Friday. This countdown was inspired by yet another bout of … Continue reading

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Bruised bridges and deep breaths

After reading a Berenstain Bears book with his younger brother last year, our older son became intrigued by the sport of LaCrosse. I wasn’t around when my husband read them the book, but a few days later we had LaCrosse … Continue reading

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Saturday (and Sunday) morning cartoons

We don’t have a TV in our house. Well, we have a TV but we don’t have cable, or local reception. For viewing pleasure, we use the TV to watch DVDs or Netflix. Our older son is now a whiz … Continue reading

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Thankful Thursday: Lessons from the Mexican Restaurant

My older son recently had a doctor’s appointment that kept him away from school during his school lunch hour. After his appointment was finished, we went out to lunch to celebrate another year of good health. (Never mind that we … Continue reading

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Four ways to make a four-year-old laugh

Sometimes it’s tough to be four years old. Really tough. You want to be Superman, but you’re just too damn tired to pull it off. Those times generally happen after dinner, before bed, when one is so, so tired after … Continue reading

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Ice Cream Never Looked So Great

And, for our final number of the day: I look over to see the four-year-old putting his entire, yes entire, hand into his ice cream bowl. “What are you doing?!” “My spoon doesn’t get all this stuff,” he replies, holding … Continue reading

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Book Review: The Childproof Parent

Raise your hand if you’ve ever felt overwhelmed by the look, feel or contents of a parenting book. Okay, it’s true: I can’t actually see you out there in cyberspace, but I imagine that I’m not the only one with … Continue reading

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Parent education in 2011? Turn to Facebook!

Last night, at the end of what felt like a very a long day with a just-turned four year old in the house, I updated my status to say this: So far the age of four seems to be *really* … Continue reading

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