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Mama Activism

Prior to the election of Donald Trump, I was coasting. I realize that now.   I vaguely knew the names of my representatives. (The ones for whom I cast my vote.) I had no idea what my congressional district was, … Continue reading

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It’s been a while

My first son’s birth brought me back to the written word nearly 12 years ago. And, the inauguration of Donald Trump has brought me back to Motherlogue. It’s good to be here. For today, I’ll share the words of a … Continue reading

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To cheer or not to cheer, that is the question

I grew up in a household where we didn’t watch sports on TV. The cheer team at my high school was made up of only girls. And, in comparison to the dance and drill team, those cheerleaders received little, if … Continue reading

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Reflecting on doubt

Two years ago I was skeptical. Someone mentioned to me that an African-American Senator from Illinois, Barack Obama, was talking about running for President of the United States. I didn’t have issue with his potential candidacy, just as I didn’t … Continue reading

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