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Are we having fun yet?

My husband and I took our sons to a park late this afternoon. Short sleeves, sun and sheer joy at the chance to be outside made for a great time for all of us. Although there are three and a … Continue reading

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Corporate Speak

Today in a meeting I attended, there was reference to a training course offered at another company. The course title? Listening for Comprehension. I do think that there’s an art to being a good listener. We’ve all had conversations with … Continue reading

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Anna Karenina

Something made me decide to read Anna Karenina about six months ago. I think it was just that gnawing feeling that I hadn’t read one of the classics. I really got into it — and looked forward to reading it … Continue reading

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Poet Madeline DeFrees

Yesterday my husband and I heard a wonderful interview on public radio with Madeline DeFrees, a poet who lives in Seattle. And who happens to be 89 years old. And, who happens to be a former nun. Boy, was she … Continue reading

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In college I took an intro to sociology class and loved it. Our discussions about racism, class, justice and sexism were engaging and I felt like I had purpose. I vowed to never subject my kids to gender bias. Boys … Continue reading

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