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A new daily practice

Three weeks ago I started a new daily practice. I read one poem a day, Monday through Friday. While my boys are still asleep, and after my husband has left for work, I take the first sip from my coffee … Continue reading

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Books, books and more books!

I saw this post from Lisa at Intralingo about five books on her bookshelf and realized that I needed to have a similar post here at Motherlogue. I received several wonderful books recently and have been struggling with getting time … Continue reading

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This need not be complicated

I just read this poem by William Carlos Williams and it was a beautiful reminder that this writing stuff need not be complicated. Sometimes saying something simply, with only a few words, can be just as beautiful as using elaborate … Continue reading

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American Fuji

A few weeks ago I finished reading American Fuji by Sara Backer.  From the moment I saw this book on the shelf of my local, independent bookstore, I knew I had to read it. It’s about an American woman, Gaby … Continue reading

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Exciting news for Call Me Okaasan

Recently I’ve had three interviews related to Call Me Okaasan here at Motherlogue. Today I read that the collection has been named winner in both the Parenting/Family and Anthology categories of the 2009 Next Generation Indie Book Awards. The book … Continue reading

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Anna Karenina

Something made me decide to read Anna Karenina about six months ago. I think it was just that gnawing feeling that I hadn’t read one of the classics. I really got into it — and looked forward to reading it … Continue reading

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Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

The book, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, came up in conversation with my older son today. I told him how, in this book, there is an elevator that goes through the roof of a building. Being a four-year-old boy who … Continue reading

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