Mama Activism



Who are you going to call?

to the election of Donald Trump, I was coasting. I realize that now.


I vaguely knew the names of my representatives. (The ones for whom I cast my vote.)

I had no idea what my congressional district was, never mind the state legislative district to which I belong.

I supported (from afar) people who took to the streets to voice their concerns over issues that I also support.

I occasionally read the New York Times.

In just a few months, all of that has changed.

It’s only the second day of the second month of the year and so far I’ve become more active than I’ve been in the last decade–maybe two. Here’s what Mama Activism looks like for me. So far, I:

  • Walked with my older son and our friends in Seattle’s Women’s March last month
  • Sent a handwritten note to a Senator in Arizona to thank him for his voice against Trump
  • Sent an email to a Senator in Alaska, thanking her for voting no on Betsy DeVos’ confirmation as Secretary of Education
  • Stood in solidarity with 400 members of our local community to protest Trump’s Executive Order and #MuslimBan
  • Sent an email to a Senator in Maine, thanking her for crossing party lines and rejecting Betsy DeVos as a nominee for Secretary of Education
  • Found the office phone numbers for my two State Representatives and called their offices in support of our Governor’s proposed K-12 budget
  • Sent an email to my State Senator to voice my approval of the Governor’s K-12 budget

Is it scary? Yes. But, it’s also inspiring. These people are doing work for our country. If I want them to represent me, and my beliefs, it’s my duty to let them know how I feel.

During my phone calls today, one staffer shared that she was keeping a tally of the number of calls she received. I was the 131st person to call in support of this budget. My call could make a difference.When I told the other staffer that I supported the Governor’s proposed budget she said, “We do, too.” That connection matters.

When I told the other staffer that I supported the Governor’s proposed budget she said, “We do, too.” She proceeded to tell me background about the House and Senate budgets that I would have never known before. That connection matters.

I don’t share these “stats” to brag or boast; I share them as a reminder that as mamas and as citizens we can get active.

When we’re feeling hopeless and like there isn’t anything we can do, there are things we can do. They may seem small, but resistance is built by a collection of small steps.

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3 Responses to Mama Activism

  1. Gayl Larson says:

    Great you are taking action! And include writing your Blog Mama Activism in your taking action!! Proud of you and you’ve inspired me to take action too.

  2. Andrea says:

    Awesome! It’s kind of a pain (I sort of enjoyed that foggy dissociation of the before times), but I guess it’s our job as citizens to fight like hell to hang onto what we’ve got and make sure those who don’t got it get it. BTW, though, that senator in Maine did not take a bold stand, she has a ploy in which she will cross party lines to vote yes or no when the favored outcome is assured but it allows her to look “moderate” and “centrist.” By all means, send her notes and thank her, but don’t be fooled.

  3. Liz says:

    Andrea! Good to “see you” and thanks for commenting. After I wrote my letters, I read about that ploy and it totally bummed me out. Another sign that I need to stay involved; it saddens me how game-y politics is. (This is one reason I could only watch two episodes of House of Cards before I said “no more”.)

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