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This need not be complicated

I just read this poem by William Carlos Williams and it was a beautiful reminder that this writing stuff need not be complicated. Sometimes saying something simply, with only a few words, can be just as beautiful as using elaborate … Continue reading

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Don’t be a wannabe

I’ve been trying to balance things a little in my life. Getting more sleep. Being online less time each day. Making exercise a priority. All of this is good. But it also means that some of the time (late at … Continue reading

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Sunday Style: Revisions

I’m taking another 4×4 workshop with Lisa Romeo. This week was the final session and we covered the topic of revisions. In the past, this has not been my favorite part of the writing process. But, with some new perspectives … Continue reading

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Sunday Style: Commitment

Isn’t it ironic that (after a month-long hiatus from blogging here at Motherlogue) the topic for this week’s Prosperous Writer newsletter was commitment! Well, that’s the perfect time to dig in and figure it out, right? Christina’s view on commitment … Continue reading

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Toddlers to teens

I am a fan of LiteraryMama and follow their blog posts in my Google Reader. Tonight I read news which is so sad and which disturbs me at my mama core. What I read is disturbing because it makes me … Continue reading

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Fruits and Vegetables

I’m taking a workshop with Lisa Romeo right now…her second 4×4 focus on techniques in nonfiction (scene, humor, narrative, etc.). Part of that online workshop experience includes a month of daily writing prompts. Today’s prompt is fruits and vegetables. After … Continue reading

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