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Mama Activism

Prior to the election of Donald Trump, I was coasting. I realize that now.   I vaguely knew the names of my representatives. (The ones for whom I cast my vote.) I had no idea what my congressional district was, … Continue reading

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It’s been a while

My first son’s birth brought me back to the written word nearly 12 years ago. And, the inauguration of Donald Trump has brought me back to Motherlogue. It’s good to be here. For today, I’ll share the words of a … Continue reading

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Dear Writer

Dear Writer, In this blog, you will find some space. Some simplicity. You will find your voice and you will share it with others. You will find experience and a way to express yourself again. To share your words…your heart. … Continue reading

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Five-Minute Friday: SEE

I’m going to try following the prompts that Lisa Jo Baker posts on her blog every Friday. This week’s is: See. The rules? Write for 5 minutes. No editing. No over-thinking. No backtracking. ——– My sweet six-year-old son is learning … Continue reading

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And that’s a NaNo wrap

I made it to 50K on Saturday. Hunkered over my laptop as my husband and sons slept, I typed the final words of my 2013 NaNoWriMo creation. There were several times during the month when I wasn’t so sure I’d … Continue reading

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The last week of NaNo

Next week at this time, NaNoWriMo will be over. The last few days, it’s consumed me. My laptop has been out and I’ve grabbed every minute possible to add words to the page. I’m now at 35,019 words. (Less than … Continue reading

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I am still behind on my wordcount (if I were writing 1,667 per day I would have 35K today) but that’s not so far behind that I can’t make 50K by November 30. I still have hope! Recent reminders that … Continue reading

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